Leadership & Service

General statement on leadership and service ...

My desire to improve my department, build community, and support other's growth drives my decision to participate in leadership & service opportunities.

Chemistry Graduate Student Teachers (CGST) Co-Founder:

  • Co-Founded a teaching community within the Northwestern University Chemistry Department
  • Organize lunch discussions of STEM education literature
  • Build connections between students, faculty, and staff to improve undergraduate education

Graduate Liaison Committee (GLC) Treasurer:

  • Organize and lead meetings between multiple organizations and department stakeholders
  • Design and implement communication protocols between organizations
  • Develop an organizational constitution/mission statement
  • Create and manage budget proposals Collect, analyze, and disseminate department survey data
  • Present survey conclusions, and advocate for departmental policy changes, to faculty on behalf of the student body
  • Plan and host professional development and community-building events

CIRTL Steering Committee

Chemistry Teaching Assistant Training Program

  • Organize and facilitate graduate student volunteer for multi-week TA training program
  • Collaborate with department faculty and education experts to design effective training workshops
  • Implement changes to the training program based on quantitative and qualitative data from past participants

CIRTL Learning Community leader

Additional service to department

  • Panelist
  • ChemUnity Mentor