Online Resources from the American Association for the Advancement of Science 2019 Meeting

If you’re involved in science twitter at all, you may have noticed the #AAASmtg buzz last week. The American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting, with the theme of Science Transcending Boundaries, was held in Washington, DC from February 14–17, 2019. While I was not in attendance, I followed the impressive resources that were shared online through the #AAASmtg hashtag. I’ve highlighted some below:

Bonus: check out this living resource document from a session titled “A Shared Vision: Overcoming Barriers for Scientists to Communicate and Engage.”

Social media allows meeting organizers and speakers to impact more than just the physical attendees — and I’m so very grateful for it.

James C. Schwabacher
Ph.D. Candidate

I’m a scientist and educator currently based in Chicago, IL.